Land Rover disgusted in China to the sales of the Landwind X7

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque vs Landwind X7

On occasion we have discussed it evil that is the automobile industry chinese. The intellectual property and the copyright does not exist so that anyone can copy what you want from others without having to pay for it a price. That is what has happened to Land Rover with its Range Rover Evoque because he has seen how a signature of chinese origin have copied all the lines of his design with impunity.

In the images that illustrate this news story you can check how similar are both models. The changes are in hue but keep in mind that the price of Landwind X7 is three times less than that of Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. This situation has tried to stop the English firm, by resorting to the courts. The problem is that I have turned back because the jurisdiction that would apply is the china and in the country there is no regulation on the subject matter that forces a brand to respond to another if they do plagiarism.

Landwind X7 vs Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

To complain about the situation that is bearing the English firm Ralf Speth, CEO of Land Rover, took the Auto show in Shanghai to talk about it. The steering recognized the success that is taking the Landwind X7 in the market but berated that is so to be a copy of its Evoque. It has also recognized that the error is on the first official images of the model for China was made public a year before they passed by the patent office of the country and for this reason have been desecrated.

keep in mind that Landwind has traded during the past year by 2016 about 80 thousand units of X7. This SUV is the best-selling model of the firm in his home country, and logically exceeds by several thousands of units of sales that is registering the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. Surely the English firm and the rest of the firms of the picture of the car think twice before revealing a model without having gone before by the patent office of China.

Now, they have guarantees not to be copied as is flour of another sack.

Source – Land Rover