Land Rover shields the name to Defend you in other brands

Land Rover Defender

In all sectors there are products iconic that set the pattern to be followed by the rival companies. The automotive sector would not be less and the goods iconic that we have there a model of English origin that has us captivated. The Land Rover Defender is a 4×4 only with a history behind it enviable that unfortunately has had to say goodbye to us in the hopes that your firm can give you an heir as God commands.

however be the point of reference to follow among your peers you can also r one more try fall in the copy or counterfeit. In this case (unlike the litigation that they have Land Rover open in China for a blatant copy of its Evoque) the blood has not arrived at the rio because the company that has tried to appropriate the name to Defend has understood that he was doing something that was not okay and revert its behavior.

El Land Rover Defender se despide tras 68 años

The manufacturer of vehicles for recreational use canadian Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) he had baptized one of their vehicles as a Defender. It is true that both vehicles are not to be classified within the same market segment, but according to the Law of Intellectual Property and Patents if a name happens to become an icon is protected for both the sector in which it was discovered as for the rest of the sectors in which it can or wants to use.

With this measure it is intended to preserve the good reputation of the manufacturer and the product in the crude copies or possible scams. Therefore, according to a court judgment BRP you will need to remove the name Defend of all vehicles that enter it and also have that to pay a small fine in concept for moral damages to the brand.

This sentence provides security for Land Rover and other brands to see how their models are plagiarized in other markets by other manufacturers. However, in this case, see their rights protected does not imply that other courts and countries to pass oblivious to the topic and appropriate designs and names that are not their own (China ahem ahem).

Source – Land Rover

Land Rover Defender

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