Land Rover SVO will create a luxurious Range Rover body coupe

Range Rover 1970

The first generation (1970) the Range Rover had no 5-door version.

Currently, in the family Land Rover offer vehicles with bodywork coupe is not very extensive. Models like the Range Rover Evoque yes you have an alternative of this type, however, in authentic central pillars of the supply of the manufacturer’s premium todocamino this option shines by its absence. Now, according to the statements of a senior official of Land Rover, it seems to be that the signature is determined to remedy this situation.

Has been the own Gerry McGovern, Design Boss for Land Rover, who has confirmed to a specialized medium during the recent Auto show in Los Angeles 2017 the mark works in a variant of three-door of the Range Rover. The historical premium SUVS will receive a body-only three-door and take the seal of the division SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) from Land Rover.

body coupe will be a reality in the range of the Range Rover although you will not have as objective to deal in a market of large volumes because the idea is to create a vehicle as luxurious and exclusive as possible to cope with models from the likes of the Bentley Bentayga or the future SUV of Rolls-Royce that is currently known with the name “Cullinan”. The basis for this model will be the Range Rover current.

Range Rover 1970

The idea of launching a Range Rover Coupe would have as a goal to offer a product more luxurious and exclusive.

McGovern said that the fact of offering a product of this nature is directly related to the exclusivity. And although he did not enter much into detail, the Chief designer of Land Rover gave as an example the Range Rover Evoque Coupe and Evoque Cabrio, as models of low volume of sales, but they are quickly associated with the luxury and distinction that the company wants to convey to their customers.

The fact of entrusting this important task to the division SVO Land Rover is that your niche market and business is directly related to the vehicles of low-circulation: “The good thing about SVO is that it is a business self-funded, so there are more opportunities within SVO to create automobile unconventional and with a turnover of more reduced”.

In any case, getting to see a Range Rover Coupe, it would not be something historic, as the first generation debuted back in the year 1970 with bodywork of three doors. We would be, perhaps, to a return to the origins of the british model.