Land Rover wants you to share your trips in their cars

Land Rover Discovery GraphiteTravel today is not even half exciting than it was fifty years ago. The world has changed for good and for evil, and travel with them. However, certain brands strive to make your customers feel that their trips may be the same as for those times in the past, although with the best technology and comfort. One of these brands is Land Rover, that with its range of all-terrain vehicles incarnates to perfection this casuistry.

As for customers of Land Rover can feel like those explorers who crossed the world in their cars, discovering hidden places and hidden, has launched an action very curious. By using a website, the british brand has created a space especially dedicated to owners and fans of the brand can hang on it the best moments of your travel at the wheel of a Land Rover.

Kahn Design Land Rover DefenderThis website is developed for both customers Land Rover, as for those who rented one of their all-terrain can be given high and easy way to upload your videos and photographs of their travels. In a simple way users will be able to share their experiences to the entire community, Land Rover and contribute to spreading this way of life adventurous.

Through the creation of this website the brand has wanted to rescue the old photo albums (that is already little left), and to create an enhanced version for those memories are not lost or forgotten. Currently on the web already there are more than 400 itineraries created by users. In this way, all you want to take one of them at the controls of a Land Rover can do it without much problem.

let us Hope that this curious initiative have continuity in time and that both the customers of the brand as the supporters of it make it grow and improve.

Source – Land Rover

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