Land Rover will launch its own smartphone in 2017

Land Rover teléfonoIf something we yearn for the mythical mobile Nokia from a decade ago, plus a battery able to last a week, that is its resistance. Our latest smartphones are not famous for be phones more resistant to blows or the water. Since have always been marketed phones resistant, but often these are not sufficiently advanced. Fortunately, Land Rover, the manufacturer of atv’s, wants to put an end to this problem by launching to the market its own smartphone.

If we look back, we will see that this would not be the first time that there are phones with the name of Land Rover. The manufacturer Sonim has been marketed since years in various versions of their mobile more resilient with the last name Land Rover. But the new smartphone from Land Rover, which is planned for 2017, pursues other objectives, among them to be a product much more exclusive.

Land Rover control remoto

Land Rover is already working on the development of applications that allow you to control the car from the outside.

Bullitt Group will be the company in charge of developing and manufacturing this smartphone is exclusive to Land Rover. This company has already worked with large companies from different sectors creating their own mobile terminals. In addition, this new smartphone Land Rover will be accompanied by a series of accessories that will allow to exploit all the options own a smartphone, of the specific applications that Land Rover is developing to interact with their vehicles and their own vehicles.

As no, appearance rough and the resistance will be must-have features in the new smartphone from Land Rover. Unlike the products hitherto marketed by Sonim, the new smartphone from Land Rover will be a terminal of the latest technology. In view of the history of Bullitt Group, the more likely it is that the smartphone with more off-road on the market use a operating system Android.

Source – Bullitt Group