Lando Norris will not be the plan B for McLaren if Alonso leaves


At least that is what assures Zak Brown, Executive Director of the McLaren F1. The u.s. claims that Lando Norris will make the leap to Formula 2 next year and that, although it considers fast enough to be already in the highest category, do not want to limit their evolution and add to the pressure before time.

“No team has made a request, our current plans are to put in the Formula 2. I think that is fast enough for Formula 1, but we have to make sure we don’t rush things and give you enough experience”, said Zak Brown, who probably relies too much on Fernando Alonso continue at McLaren that is not faced with having to resort to Lando Norris to succeed him.

And is that the march of the Spanish would be a big problem for McLaren, that would not have many options in the market to have a pilot of a high level in 2018. With Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull are already defined, only Carlos Sainz, one option would be relatively feasible and reliable.

Is doing a lot of simulator for us and is playing out extremely well

In any event, Brown makes it very clear that Norris is the bet of the future of McLaren and has no intention of ceding it to another computer or speed up your training. “it Is clearly our star of the future and I don’t think that place in another team of Formula 1. Is doing a lot of simulator for us and is playing out extremely well”.