Landwind X7: the copy of The Evoque is selling very well in China

The news coming from China are not good for Jaguar Land Rover. The clone of the Ranger Rover Evoque is selling very well, something that is no wonder taking into account that its price is three times lower.

Lor Land Rover in China is already a lost battle. Not only the british firm has not tended to succeed when attempting to stop the marketing of the copy of its model Range Rover Evoque, but also the Landwind X7 is selling very well in the chinese market.

Clear that compared to the model of Jaguar Land Rover copy china has all the of winning, since its price is three times lower. While initially the Land Rover was determined to sue Landwind, later desisted, mainly due to the poor legal safeguards in force in China.

In the framework of the motor show of Shanghai, Ralf Speth, CEO of Land Rover addressed the media and spoke on this particular topic. The manager pointed out that the chinese brand is having much success as the X7, something that is not what amazes taking into account that it is a copy exactly the same as the Evoque.

asked whether Jaguar Land Rover had made some progress in try to persuade the chinese authorities to Jiangling Motors to stop the marketing of the Landwind X7, Speth was emphatic: “Not at all”, although he said that will continue to fight for the X7 to be declared, gettingl.

things to Land Rover there had been difficult last year, when the chinese authorities canceled the patent of the Evoque, a model that Land Rover also produces in China. Why did this happen?. It happened because of that the images of the Evoque were exhibited publicly a year before the model will pass by the patent office of the asian country.

Currently the Landwind X7 is the model most successful of the chinese company, with sales that last year amounted to 80,000 units.