Lapo Elkann (Fiat) stopped in the US by starting another mess

Lapo Elkann Fiat

For those who still don’t know Lapo Elkann is the grandson of Gianni Agnelli (founder of Fiat and the empire on this brand created. It is one of the heirs of the most important family of Italy but his name is further attached to the controversy more than his work or occupations. As the occupation most high-profile has lead the company to customize the different models manufactured by the Group Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA).

however, his personal life and afaires loving are the most characteristic feature of this lord. The last mess that it has gotten combines a kidnapping, a prostitute, drugs, alcohol and has as a backdrop the city of New York (USA). According to Automotive News and the local media in New York Lapo Elkann moved to the american city to celebrate the day of thanksgiving and after a good feast ran out of money.

Lapo Elkann Fiat

To solve this problem, the heir to the empire Fiat is not came up with a better idea that faking a kidnapping. The idea was that the prostitute who was party to call the family of Lapo to ask for a bailout valued at $ 10,000 and with this, continue to party and pay for the holes that had sustained its economy by the party. However the plan did not come out as intended as the family was in contact with police in New York and when this was to pay the ransom discovered that nothing was what it seemed.

The result of this tantrum: the girl who accompanied Lapo and he has been arrested and accused of false denunciation. However, a few hours his arrest both have gone free although they are required to be filed in the Court of New York to give explanations of events, and receive their punishment.

Source – Automotive News