Larbre Competition wants to bring a Corvette in GTE-Pro


Larbre Competition has been one of the fixed equipment in GTE-Am in the last few seasons of the Endurance World. Therefore, the square French understands that you have fulfilled a stage and is willing to give a step ahead of face-to-2017. In this way, Larbre Competition plans to make the jump to the category GTE Pro of the WEC with a C7 Corvette.R, aim for which you need the final approval of General Motors. It is understood that this effort, to be carried out, is independent of the regular program that Corvette takes place in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The relationship between Larbre Competition and Corvette Racing has narrowed in recent months, to such an extent that Ricky Taylor, a factory rider of the mark, has competed regularly with the Corvette of the French training in the category GT-Am. In fact, it was the only incorporation that suffered the team of Jack Leconte in the second half of the season in the WEC, which is the fruit of the efforts of the team also landed in training specialized engineers from Pratt & Miller, official team of General Motors in 1999 and instrumental in the development of Corvette Racing.

From Larbre Competition understand that the work carried out with engineers from Pratt & Miller and the experience gained with Ricky Taylor, pilot that contributed to the victory in Mexico, Fuji, Shanghai and Bahrain, is the prior step logic to jump to the category GTE-Pro WEC 2017. See green light the project, Larbre Competition would have to upgrade your C7 Corvette.R or buy a new car. It is understood that the training would be with Ricky Taylor and Pierre Ragues as two of their drivers, even if this program does not arrive at good port and repeated in the category GTE-Am.