Large overtaking motorcycle

Throughout Grand Prix history There have been many advances always by pilots with a huge hunger for victory. Now that the championship by month summer break is resumed, we consider four of which for me is great overtaking motorcycle .

Grandes adelantamientos del motociclismo

is not the same driver, or at the same time or the same circuit, but if there has been, for various reasons that I will discuss, one before and one after.

What’s the big motorcycle overtaking?

1) Brno , Czech Republic, in 1996 witnessed one of the tightest victories in the history of World Championship motorcycle Alex Crivillé lead in finishing the hitherto difficult and Mick Doohan won by two milliseconds. Crivillé was patient and could see the maneuver Doohan in last corner signed slowing more than usual thinking behind Crivillé was hooked. But Alex was smarter and differently laid out so that at the end of the bend was already paired with Doohan in which advanced by very little. Who does not remember the Australian monumental anger over being overtaken by his teammate?

¿Cuales son los grandes adelantamientos del motociclismo? 2) last corner of the circuit of Jerez , a curve where everyone thought was impossible to overtake Valentino Rossi played an incredibly advanced for some and questionable legal for others. The pilot did what was Sete Gibernau and in the first race of 2005, missing his chance to win the championship before such a blow.

3) We repeat protagonist and three years in advance the time to mention that it can be passes most famous motorcycle. In the American circuit Laguna Seca , Valentino Rossi took over Casey Stoner in Corkscrew mythical curve of the earth out of the loop. In last he entered the Italian curve for long and so he was going to leave the confines of the circuit, before cutting gas to rescue case, what he did was speed up to pass the Australian.

adelantamientos del motociclismo

4) Same circuit , the same curve and one of the two former protagonists: Rossi , but this time as a victim rather than executioner. We are in 2013 and a rookie named Marc Márquez arrives the premier class and in a circuit he had never driven (the lower category does not run on Laguna Seca) advances the now legendary Valentino. “Child” showed very fast learning of the great masters and series champion was crowned in his first appearance.

Which of these great overtaking motorcycle is your favorite?

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