Last time Volkswagen and the scandal of the diesel: Winterkorn was notified in may 2014 (a year before getting to know the case)

The pump of the day, about the scandal of the diesel Volkswagen, came on Wednesday from the hand of a release from the brand that recognizes that Martin Winterkorn, CEO of Volkswagen AG at that time, was advised of the situation in may of 2014, a year before the scandal was known, and is disclosed to the public. This press release (see in the press portal of Volkswagen) would have been posted to the thread the information of Bild am Sonntag and The New York Times, which already pointed in this direction. A statement that acknowledges the lack of knowledge of if Winterkorn read the report that was provided, advising you of the problem or not.

are Being investigated 102 terabytes of data, equivalent to approximately 50 million books. Among all these data appeared in various internal communications about the matter that had as the recipient to Winterkorn.

According to Volkswagen, on the internal investigations that are being conducted to unravel how, and thanks to whom, it produced this scandal, would have found an internal letter, dated as of may 23, 2014, in which Winterkorn received the study that has been uncovered in the united States the irregularities of the diesel. The 14 November 2014 it would have sent a new message internal to Winterkorn informing you of this and other problems related to manufacturing defects.

we Talk about a needle in a haystack, but a information highly relevant to the research, if it were not, because Volkswagen claims not to know if Martin Winterkorn read those internal messages, among all messages that were in your inbox for those days. Volkswagen ensures that the research is working with 102 terabytes of data, equivalent to approximately 50 million books.

tdi-volkswagen-100_1440x655cThe offensive diesel in the united States and the apparent inability of the engineers to meet the objectives, and the emission limits on the other side of the Atlantic, with a limited budget, would have led to a group of engineers (yet to be determined) to create the trick of defeat device.

despite the information that emerged today, Volkswagen continues to advocate the theory of an isolated group of engineers.

, The problem would have arisen at the time that Volkswagen made a strategic decision to launch an offensive diesel in the united States. The German mark was found with a pitfall just as important as the that maximum emissions of NOx approved accepted in the united States out of 31 mg/km, six times less than the limits in Europe with the standards Euro V.

Everything points to that in the development of diesel engines, of the family EA 189, the engineers found themselves with a big problem, the budget available did not allow to meet the objectives that had been proposed, so that someone decided to introduce a code capable of masking the emissions on the bank of rollers, so that these were much lower than those obtained in real conditions.

Volkswagen ensures that they have not yet identified those responsible for the fraud.


we Also know that, the 27 of July 2015, Martin Winterkorn was present at a meeting with other members of the Volkswagen in which he spoke of the problem of the emissions of the TDI, but have not transcended the conclusions that were reached in it, nor the information that I then had the dome in Volkswagen what happened.

At the end of August 2015 the technicians of Volkswagen already knew the causes of the fraud of the diesel in the united States, and were analyzing their solution, and the implications it could have for the brand, with a team of legal advice. A few days later, already in September, Volkswagen communicate what has happened to the us agencies (CARB and EPA), and report to Martin Winterkorn of what happened.

Winterkorn would resign after uncover the scandal, the 23 of September of 2015. And as we were knowing the proposed solutions to remove the device that “trucaba” emissions, we realize that this problem, which affected, to a lesser extent to the engines homologated in Europe, had been located all the time in the offensive diesel raised by Volkswagen in the united States.

Source: Volkswagen
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