Latifi expires five years after; Canamasas shines with a fourth place


2012 it was the year in which Nicholas Latifi he made his debut in single-seaters, in the last season of the moribund Formula 3 Italian. In its 17 years, the canadian rider finished the year in seventh position, gaining a victory in a race inverted grid at Vallelunga, on the 16th of September. Up until last Sunday, that was the only experience victorious of a Latifi, whose career has been spent in a more discreet manner by the Formula 3 and Formula Renault 3.5. In his second year in the renowned Formula 2, and helped by the dramatic improvement of DAMS, Latifi had taken a major step forward in its performance, with four podium finishes, which has been finally endorsed with his first victory in the category, again from an inverted grid.

From the pole, Latifi did not give in no time. Jordan King not only could not win the game, if not lost position with Luca Ghiotto and Oliver Rowland. The pilot of MP Motorsport was able to keep in parallel with his compatriot path to Aintree, but both were played, and the King went out of track, having suffered damage terminals in their suspension in the impact. Rowland would receive by this manoeuvre, a penalty of five seconds that threatened to destroy their chance of making the podium. During a large part of the test, Ghiotto, unable to follow the pace of Latifi, was limited to contain the rush of Rowland.

On lap 19, Ralph Boschung tried to win the eleventh position to Alexander Albon looking for the inner line path of Stowe. Albon, reacted to the maneuver and Boschung went to the grass, losing control and crossing the track until you hit gentle manner against the protections. All in all, the remains and the car required the presence of the Safety Car. The fast action of the commissioners british allowed a final round of competition, and Latifi, despite his surprise at the re-launch of the test, it ran perfectly the resalida to clinch the win over Ghiotto, who climbed the podium for the third time this year.


In that resalida, Rowland ran a controversial maneuver. The british pilot, which ran the risk of finishing out of the points with the group, reported by radio to his team their intention of slow down deliberately, his pace before resalir to leave a great five-second gap with the riders in front of me, and try to catch unsuspecting opponents in search of more distance with them. Your strategy, however, failed miserably: not only did not achieve the margin, but that Artem Markelov, who had run fourth for the whole race, he lapped at Brooklands, and the punishment left him in tenth position. After the race, it was determined that the action of Rowland was a lock to their rivals in the resalida, and received an additional sanction of 20 seconds, falling to 17th place.

The most intense of the race were in contention for the fourth position between Sergio Canamasas and the leader of the category, Charles Leclerc. The Spanish rider, who came fourth after finishing fifth on Saturday, he lost his position in the output with Markelov, while Leclerc, eighth on the grid after his victory, he won two seats on Norman Born and the broken King. For 10 laps, the monaco attacked almost on every spin, the pilot of Trident, which had a hard and clean defense until being passed on lap 12. After the resalida, on the final lap, Canamasas reinvigorated gave hunt back to Leclerc and surpassed the outside in the chicane Club. The Catalan driver matched the third-best result of his career, in which she has been your weekend’s more successful in the category outside of Monaco.


Nato ended the test in a solid sixth position ahead of Nyck de Vries, who signed a spectacular comeback: from last place, gained eight positions in the output, made three overtaking moves on the track and the sanction of Rowland, as well as a spinning top Sean Gelael in the resalida, gave him the seventh position. Two of the three drivers who exceeded were the ART of Nobuharu Matsushita, who saved a tough race with the last point, and Albon, who closed the top 10 after winning eight seats in the exit, with the Swedish Gustav Malja in between.

The “punch” in terms of points of Rowland further consolidated the leadership of Leclerc. Markelov, who has scored in all the races except the sprint of Montmeló, snatches the second position to the british by four points, but their disadvantage with Leclerc is 67 points. Latifi and Ghiotto continue their struggle for the fourth place, separated by five points, while Canamasas earns a position in the general on its predecessor in Rapax, Johnny Cecotto, Jr., ranking thirteenth. The next meeting will be at the Hungaroring, a circuit that saw the Spanish to achieve a pole position and a podium in the Formula Renault 3.5 in 2011. It is not a bad reference…

sprint Race of the Formula 2 2017 in Silverstone (21 laps)

Pos. Pilot Time / difference
1 Nicholas Latifi DAMS 37:17.053
Luca Ghiotto RUSSIAN TIME +1.717
3rd Artem Markelov RUSSIAN TIME +5.300
Charles Leclerc PREMA Racing +7.943
6th Norman Born Pertamina Arden +8.279
7th Nyck of Vries Rapax +8.801
Nobuharu Matsushita ART Grand Prix +9.484
9th Gustav Malja Racing Engineering +10.618
10º Alexander Albon ART Grand Prix +13.262
11th Robert Visoiu Fields Racing +13.535
12º Antonio Fuoco PREMA Racing +13.825
13th Louis Delétraz Racing Engineering +14.386
14º Callum Ilott Trident +14.665
15º Sérgio Sette Câmara MP Motorsport +14.925
16th Sean Gelael Pertamina Arden +15.871
17 Oliver Rowland DAMS +32.263
18º Nabil Jeffri Trident +45.918
Ralph Boschung Campos Racing Accident (v17)
Jordan King MP Motorsport Suspension (v1)

overall Classification of the Formula 2 2017 (round 6 11)

Position Pilot Puntos
Charles Leclerc Prema Racing 188
2nd Artem Markelov Russian Time 121
3rd Oliver Rowland DAMS 117
4th Nicholas Latifi DAMS 91
5th Luca Ghiotto Russian Time 86
6th Norman Born Pertamina Arden 67
7th Nobuharu Matsushita ART Grand Prix 66
8th Alexander Albon ART Grand Prix 59
9th Jordan King MP Motorsport 49
10th Nyck de Vries Rapax 47
11th Gustav Malja Racing Engineering 28
12 Antonio Fuoco Prema Racing 23
13th SERGIO CANAMASAS Trident / Rapax 21
14th Johnny Cecotto, Jr. Rapax 16
15 Ralph Boschung Campos Racing 11
16th Sergey Sirotkin ART Grand Prix 9
17 Sean Gelael Pertamina Arden 3