LatinNCAP: Four stars for the Renault Capture Latin american

The Renault Capture made in Brazil spent by the laboratories of LatinNCAP and obtained satisfactory results: four-star protection for adult and three for the protection of children.

Lto more recent evidence of impact of LatinNCAP had as protagonist the Renault Capture manufactured in Brazil, which as you know is something bigger than your pair european, as it is based on the same platform as the Duster.

The Renault Capture Latin-american earned four stars in the protection of adults and three in protecting children. According to LatinNCAP the good performance of the structure, together with the correct behavior of the restraint systems explained good results of the Capture.

As part of the new protocol is used from a few months ago by LatinNCAP, the test also included the side impact, also with positive results. The agency stressed that the French firm to offer a product that exceeds the requirements of the governments of the region.