LatinNCAP: New test raises the rating of Fiat Palio 4 stars


As part of the Phase VI impact testing LatinNCAP he reassessed the new Fiat Palio , now managed to raise his rating up to the 4 star .


LatinNCAP-Fiat-Palio L a new generation of Fiat Palio has already been evaluated three times by LatinNCAP. After the incorporation of some elements in a test audit conducted this week by the body, hatchback he made in Brazil managed to raise his rating up to the 4-star adult protection.

The new Fiat Palio, now with 4 stars.

The first test was conducted in August 2014, where he had obtained zero stars as the unit tested at the time lacked ABS brakes and airbags. However, in a second test taken on the same date, the Palio had managed to raise his rating to 3 stars . But yesterday, in conjunction with the evaluation of the Jeep Renegade and Chery IQ, LatinNCAP released the results of third test at Fiat Palio produced in Brazil, making improve results again .

updated the system Fiat belt reminder use at the Palio from July 2015, increasing its score 4 star . While the instructions for installing the children were updated SRI, which has increased the score to 3-star child.

The head and neck of the occupants of the front seats were well protected against frontal impact, while cell vehicle was listed as stable . As for children, the child seat for three years avoiding excessive forward movement at the same time it has the possibility of disconnecting the passenger airbag.