LatinNCAP removed the three stars of the Renault Clio Mine Safety


The story between Renault with Clio Mine and LatinNCAP seems endless. Now the body announced the recall of three stars had duly granted to hatchback. This is because Renault did not meet with a commitment to install double airbag standard.


Renault-Clio-Mio E l Programme New Car Assessment for Latin America and the Caribbean, better known as LatinNCAP decided to withdraw the three stars had been granted the Renault Clio Mine in the second round of impact, when the French manufacturer decided to equip it with dual front airbags, after which in 2013 had earned zero stars.

LatinNCAP retired 3 stars obtained by the Clio Mio in 2013.

The thing is that Renault had promised to install as standard dual front airbags at the Clio mine for Latin America and precisely for that reason LatinNCAP agreed to do impact test for the second time this time by the manufacturer, at which time he managed to get location sponsored.

But recently Renault Clio moved Mine production to its plant in Colombia and from there began to leave without airbags fitted as standard units, to the point that not even offered as an option on the market.

As a result of research LatinNCAP the French brand has become to commit to improve the safety of Clio marketed in Colombia. It ensures that from the month of February next year the model will double frontal airbag, but until that promise is fulfilled, Clio again has a rating of zero stars for the protection of passengers adults.





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