LatinNCAP: The Citroen C3 earned four stars


Under the beginning of the sixth phase LatinNCAP made an impact test Citroën C3 manufactured in Brazil. The hatchback, with dual front airbags obtained 4 star adult protection and 2 stars for children .


Citroen-C3-LatinNCAP and his week under the initiation of Step VI of LatinNCAP impact tests. Among the tested organism on this occasion vehicles is the C3 with dual front airbags manufactured in Brazil.

The C3 approved with 4 stars, but has items to improve.

The hatchback from Citroën achieved a score of 4 stars for adult passenger. After the impact, technical considered that both the head and the neck of the driver and passenger received good protection.

However structures of the board that were considered dangerous, since they were detected could cause injuries to the knees occupants of both front seats, while his body was classified as unstable.

On the other hand managed C3 two star child passenger protection . LatinNCAP indicates that the car does not have a brand that warns of installing a child seat in the front seat, nor thus the possibility of disconnecting the passenger airbag. Also note that the child seat for three years moved forward excessively and that the basic equipment is not offered side airbags and ISOFIX or , which leaves him at a disadvantage compared to its European counterpart.