LatinNCAP: The Nissan Tsuru without airbags or ABS and caused more than 3000 deaths in Mexico


LatinNCAP-NIssan-Tsuru-Sentra-Video E n the context XVII FIA American Congress held in Mexico this week, Alejandro Furas , the Uruguayan engineer who serves as technical director GlobalNCAP undertook an analysis of the products sold in Latin America, with emphasis on low security some Mexican products.

Furas indicated that Mexico should work to strengthen safety standards new vehicles sold in that market, which by their nature are more unsafe products marketplace . Of course, in Mexico and produce vehicles sold with all the security features present in other markets, especially products for export market.

LatinNCAP indicates that the Nissan Tsuru without ABS and airbags and more than 3 000 lives claimed.

However in the absence of legislation governing the sector many vehicles are sold without airbags and ABS brakes and just is the most sold in the country. In that category, the Nissan Tsuru, a vehicle produced in Mexico and sold in the market without the security features mentioned, which won zero stars in the crash tests conducted by LatinNCAP is located.

According to records, Nissan Tsuru has already been responsible for 3,000 deaths due to their low safety standards. It is a vehicle with nearly 30 years in the market, not only in Mexico but in much of Latin America.

But there Furas stressed that due to changes in the rules of some markets such as Ecuador or soon Chile, left no chance to Tsuru it did not have airbags or ABS can not continue marketing .

In theory continue to produce the Nissan Tsuru until December 2017 , while veteran Nissan Tsuru sedan, which is also sold without airbags and ABS and is emerging as the substitute offered Tsuru start with ABS brakes and airbags as standard from September.

Nissan’s position as is curious, because in addition to indicate that they are not in breach of any rules Airton Cousseau brand CEO said will continue to market the Tsuru in Mexico until consumers stop asking .

Furthermore Cousseau said Nissan implemented in Mexico driver education courses because according to the statements made by the executive to the Mexican newspaper The Economist “if people well behaved and walks within the speed limits, avoid many accidents. “


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