LatinNCAP: The Renault Kwid improves their rating to 3 stars

Thanks to a series of improvements, the Renault Kwid manufactured in Brazil achieved an improvement compared to the zero stars obtained by the indian model and it scored three stars in protection of adults and children.

Andl small urban Renault, that in the markets of South america came as a substitute for the old generated of the Clio just passed by the laboratories of LatinNCAP, achieving to improve the low score obtained by the model manufactured in india.

you will recall the zero stars obtained by the Renault Kwid indian a few months ago. But the brazilian subsidiary of the French firm has opted for add 150 kg reinforcement to the version made in Brazil, which together with four airbags as standard were able to improve your score until you reach the three stars for both occupant child as an adult.

A score that is still quite far from being optimal, but without doubt managed to improve the safety of this little vehicle, which surely will be sold thousands of units in the next few years.

according to the data supplied by LatinNCAP, the car showed a front protection adequate, although the side protection was marginal, weak of the chest of the adult, although sufficient to achieve the three stars.

From LatinNCAP highlight the fast reaction of the French firm from which the Renault Kwid was evaluated by GlobalNCAP some months ago, even with the addition of some elements of safety series going a step beyond what is required by the current regulations force in the region.