LatinNCAP: The Volkswagen Up! manufactured in Brazil continue to get 5 stars in test audit


In a second impact test conducted last month by LatinNCAP, the Volkswagen Up! manufactured in Brazil regained City in adult occupant protection.


VW-Up-5-estrellas-LatinNcap L atin NCAP had already tested the Volkswagen Up! at the time of its commercial launch in Brazil occurred in 2013, but this time it was a trial sponsored by the manufacturer depending depose have fair assessment at the time of start of marketing agency.

Although the unit f then ue withdrawal from the same plant of Volkswagen but as indicated by the protocols of the body, allowing reevaluate vehicles at any time through the so-called test audit is performed by acquiring a unit in anonymous form on the market.

Thus did last November Latin NCAP acquired a unit Volkswagen Up! from a dealer in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which was then transported to Germany, facilities automobile club where impact tests are performed, where the test audit was carried out.

After the second evaluation conducted last February 19, the results showed a complete agreement with the previous test, achieving five stars for adult occupant protection and four stars for child occupant protection, to wash the analysis determined that the car uses the same construction features than the series in 2013.





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