LatinNCAP: Zero stars for Chery IQ


Within the framework of the sixth phase LatinNCAP made an impact test Chery IQ made in China. The hatchback without airbags or ABS obtained zero stars in adult protection and zero stars for children .


LatinNCAP-Chery-IQ O tro products evaluated today at Phase VI impact testing LatinNCAP was the Chery IQ without airbags and ABS brakes. It is a hatchback made China, depending on the markets is marketed as IQ, New QQ, QQ or Q.

The Chinese hatchback scored zero stars, in adults and children protection.

The IQ achieved a result zero stars in adult passenger protection, since in his more austere version is still offered without airbags and ABS in some markets. The protection offered to the driver’s head and chest was considered poor by the body.

Impact tests showed that passenger chest protection was poor, while his knees hit with dangerous structures located behind the dashboard . Moreover, the structure of the interior was described as unstable, while not able to withstand higher loads.

The product Chery was not better to protect children, since the child seat for children three years had a move toward excessive forward, while provided poor protection and neck chest. The result obtained in protecting children was also zero stars .