LatinNCAP: Zero stars for the Chevrolet N300, a to the Fiat Mobi and two for the KIA Rio Sedan

A new round of results of LatinNCAP back to show the poor security of some of the vehicles marketed in the markets of Latin America.

Andl Program Evaluation of New Vehicles for Latin America and the Caribbean, released new results of the impact tests carried out at the three models marketed in the markets of Latin America.

Unfortunately one more time the three vehicles tested back to exhibit many deficiencies in terms of security. The first of them is the Chevrolet N300, who obtained the minimum rating of zero stars, while the Fiat Mobi just managed to get a star. Finally, the Kia Rio Sedan achieved a two-star rating.

The images of the video that heads this article are eloquent and do not require many explanations, but as is usual in these cases, the absence of some elements of security that in other markets are required and the instability of the structures are two of the main reasons for such low ratings.

Chevrolet N300 from China offered a poor protection in the frontal impact test and the absence of front airbags explain the low rating of zero-star, while in the side impact test the protection was rated as marginal.

The Fiat Mobi produced in Brazil, just managed to catch a star adults and two star children. The structure was stable in the frontal impact, although in the side-impact protection was poor.

finally the Kia Rio Sedan manufactured in Mexico received two stars both for adults and children. Only has an airbag for the driver and its structure to a frontal impact was stable. Surprised that a car recently submitted do not provide ESP, ABS or side airbags.

No matter the origin, because the assessment provides a vehicle for chinese, one brazilian and the other mexican, the common denominator of many of the vehicles sold in Latin america is the poor quality of structures and lack of security features.