Latvala: “Not winning because I tried to fly as Ogier”


Jari-Matti Latvala seems to be a new pilot. His move to Toyota Gazoo Racing, the confidence and support that he has provided Tommi Mäkinen and the fact the lead for the first time an official project after four years in the shadow of Sebastien Ogier in Volkswagen have changed the face. This was evident in the Monte carlo Rally, where he rose to the podium with the Yaris WRC and has confessed in a statement to ‘Autosport’. The Finnish driver, among other things, has recognized that attempt to emulate the riding of Sébastien Ogier was your biggest mistake, to such an extent that the end of the year depressed.

following his arrival to Toyota Jari-Matti Latvala has opened up to and has not had a problem in admitting the errors that led him to complete his worst season in the WRC: “Everything went wrong and it was a different situation in volkswagen has. didn’t win because I tried to fly as Ogier. I was very confused as to my riding, so much that he was trying to do everything like him all the time. I looked at the data that gave me the engineers in the team and I watched how he used it on the brakes. I Tried to change everything and do the same. Even I configured the support of the brake pedals as he had done”.

Although certain mechanical aspects of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC, as the front axle, never responded as to Latvala would have liked, the finn has admitted that he should have spent much less time looking to Ogier: At the end of last year, I was very confused, everything was too difficult. I did not know what was going on, I was wondering: How should I fly?. I tried to copy everything that Seb did, and that’s why, when I was in the Volkswagen, had no chance of winning. I could not concentrate on my work because I was watching what he was doing. I Forgot my own riding style and I focused on doing the same thing that Ogier“.