Lauda believes Ferrari has it easier than Mercedes

hamilton-lauda-mercedesNiki Lauda, the expiloto and now a member of the team Mercedes with other roles, he is known for his statements controversial, sometimes a little credible and the others just controversial for their content. Now he has declared that Ferrari will have an easier to improve than Mercedes due to the current situation of both teams. Will it be more fiction to cover the power of Mercedes in this era of Turbo hybrid?

Lauda believes that you have to be very in account to Ferrari for 2016, but we do not know if it is real and see it as a rival to Mercedes, or simply hide the true potential of Mercedes and want to give this type of statements to confuse the viewer and continue with that plot, or strange relationship that has opened up between Mercedes and the Ferrari team for trying to guide this F1 to where they want to.

Arrivabene y WolffWithout a doubt, having regard to what has been seen, the team to beat for 2016 is Mercedes, of course, Ferrari has been close this year, but there is still the question of whether Mercedes has given everything they have or even they have some ace in the sleeve that will be reserved. In addition, the regulation remains stable for 2016, so that without major changes, everything should follow more or less the same in terms of the head of the race.

Lauda has assured that they have a lot of experience in hybrid technology, more than the competition, but “Ferrari you can progress more easily that we in the chassis, the aerodynamics and the engine. We were very strong in the preparation of the hybrid engine, but in these moments our margin improvement has been reduced.“. So says the austrian magazine La Gazzetta dello Sport, half curiously Italian…