Lauda believes that no one will hide their pace on the test in Barcelona


The first pre-season test of the Formula 1 every time
they are closer and for the first time in several years, will be more representative
never. At least that is what he considers Niki Lauda, non-executive chairman of
Mercedes. However, Lauda believes that computers will be unable to hide the
the true pace of its new car
in the pre-test for the first Grand Prix,
the whole time that all they need to know where they are before you compete in Melbourne
the end of march. In this aspect, Lauda dismisses a few test as of 2016,
in the Ferrari dominated and then failed to challenge Mercedes during the

“The tests in Barcelona will be used to know
the behavior of cars with the new rules
, especially during the
first four days”
has explained Niki Lauda in a statement for the
swiss newspaper Blick, and collected by ‘‘. In this aspect, the double
champion of Formula 1 has the clear to proceed that will have the teams:
four days between sessions of test will be used to develop the
updates. Then, from 7 to 10 march, it will be time to do business.
This time no one will be left behind and will show the cards of face-to-Melbourne.
This time around we want to know where we are on the way”.

Mercedes will not be an exception. The ‘arrows of silver’ depart
as the cars to beat, something that Niki Lauda has taken importance.
All in all, Lauda has been shown to be positive by the design of the new car
training German, stating that the car seemed to “awesome”
the factory: “I Saw the car when it was still in its first phase, in
the basic construction. in spite of this was thrilled from the beginning. The
car is wider and with the larger tyres it has an image
amazing. I’m sure the fans will love the new