Lauda: “Hamilton and Bottas will be free, will be able to press as much as they want”


Nico Rosberg put Mercedes in a very tricky situation when, five days after proclaiming himself Champion of the World, announced its withdrawal from the competition. After the initial shock, the strong men of the German band as Toto Wolff and Paddy Lowe took it calmly and said understand the decision Nico, but Niki Lauda has criticized the way of the now ex-German pilot.

Lauda said that this decision had left the Mercedes in a very tricky situation and was upset, but now that Valtteri Bottas is already part of the team, everything has been left behind. “concussion after losing Nico has completely gone away. I am very quiet because I believe that Bottas once again, we have a couple balanced as last year,”, said the austrian in the microphone of RTL.

Lauda is of the opinion that, with the incorporation of Bottas, Mercedes does not lose strength at all and that the finn can perform at a similar level to Nico Rosberg. “Bottas is the better choice, I think that he can ride in a similar way to Nico, so that we start the new season with Hamilton and him. We were looking for a pilot that would fit to our team. Up to now, we have always had two pilots pointers that could fight for the Championship of the World. Nico and Lewis were a good example of this, because they have been struggling face-to-face. Sometimes one was ahead, sometimes the other.”, highlighting as under the calm nature and the ability to work from Bottas. “In the last three years we have won everything they could win. And that’s why we’ve decided to go for Bottas, he brings experience and speed to the team. Is a Finnish quiet and I like that about him. Does not speak much, but is a hard worker. Toto and I know him for years, I think that fits very well to the team”.

For the three times World Champion of Formula 1, Valtteri Bottas is a driver that fits perfectly with the team and insists that the philosophy of Mercedes not to set preferences will remain unchanged and both he and Lewis Hamilton will be free to compete among themselves. “As always, both drivers can push all they want, they are completely free. That has never changed at Mercedes and will not in the future. We talked with Lewis, and we explained to him that Bottas would be its companion. Lewis has no problem with this and Bottas either. I think that we can start the season with peace of mind having these two pilots”.