Lauda: “Mercedes is facing a difficult year”


Niki Lauda is a non-executive member of the board of Mercedes AMG F1, but that does not prevent him from being generally quite honest about what he thinks, even when it comes to their own team.

Surely that is why we should take into account the impressions of Lauda about the performance of Mercedes this season, which some analysts have commented that the W08 is still very fast, but also something more difficult to drive than in previous seasons.

in this regard, Lauda has been recognized that the considerable battery of modifications that Mercedes introduced on the last Tuesday, march 7, in the car, have not worked as expected, and there will be more testing with them. “Personally, I am not happy at all. We tried some updates that didn’t work out as we had hoped, we have to test them again. We need to make more changes to understand in the fastest way possible how behaves the car. I am sure that we can solve it in time for the first race in Melbourne”, ” said the austrian in a statement to the RTL.

Three teams in head

however, Lauda continues to place a Mercedes within the group of pretenders to the crown, while acknowledging that it is likely that Ferrari and Red Bull also have options and the three teams are, literally, in a handkerchief. “I don’t think anyone can say at this time. Mercedes is facing a difficult year, but we will give the best of ourselves, I am optimistic. The first three races will give us an idea, after that we will know how competitive we are. I think that Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull are all very near, perhaps in two or three tenths. So the grid is compressed, which is very good. Good news for the start of the season”, said Lauda thinking about the show and the fans.