Lauda: “Rosberg has left us in the worst possible situation”


Niki Lauda was not able to suppress his anger with Nico Rosberg for a longer time and, after a few days of speechlessness by what had happened, the austrian has been recognized to feel annoyed by the attitude of his ex-pilot.

Nico Rosberg renewed his contract as a pilot of the Mercedes for two more years in August and Lauda bothers not to inform the team of his intentions. “Nico said that he would have continued if it was not a World Champion. It is something that I might have mentioned when you signed your new contract in August last. This would have allowed to prepare a plan B”, said a non-executive member of the board of Mercedes Welt.

Lauda believes that Rosberg would have shown more respect with the team that has allowed him to fulfill his dream, commenting that it provided “a car only to realize his dream. His decision leaves an enormous void in an excellent team. And leaves us in the worst possible situation”, said the austrian, who now must find a replacement for Rosberg, with Toto Wolff.

The austrian, after retiring in 1979 and returning to the Formula 1 three years later, won the title in 1984. Lauda says it was very difficult to follow in 1985, but that for him to defend his crown was even more important than gained. “Has won the title once and don’t want to follow because it is too stressful. When I was champion in 1984, I was there in 1985 to defend my title, although it was very stressful and very difficult. To defend my title was even more important that you get it. I really wanted to defend my crown and beat you again to all my opponents. Nico has decided to take a different path. But the problem is that he never warned us of what was his true intention”.