Lauda: “The half of the grill has offered to Mercedes”


Mercedes has gone from holding the title of Nico Rosberg to have to find a substitute for the German pilot in just days. A situation that a priori must be awkward for any team, but that in the case of the structure of Stuttgart is less of a problem. As a force of hegemony of the current Formula 1, many of which have been pilots that have offered their services to the signature of the star, to such an extent that Niki Lauda in statements to ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’ has admitted that nearly half of the grill has been in contact with Mercedes.

Niki Lauda, in his capacity as non-executive Chairman of Mercedes, has acknowledged that the decision of Nico Rosberg to retire caught everyone by surprise inside the computer: I found out a few hours before the public announcement, Rosberg told us by telephone. I took it wrong, I wasn’t expecting it. I Think that no one at Mercedes could imagine that he had already had enough. At first I didn’t believe it, I thought he was joking, but he said it was all true. When he won his first title I thought of how he would win the second, the decision of Rosberg has left us disoriented and desprevenidos“.

however, Niki Lauda is a man of action and a time taken over the running of Rosberg, as has begun to think about his replacement. Well it is true that the best riders have already signed contracts with other teams, but the double World Champion of Formula 1, has revealed that candidates do not miss Mercedes:We have lost a champion, the best pilot of 2016. It will not be easy to replace it because all the riders of a certain level have contracts with other teams. Put a young driver is a risk, but it is also true that the half of the grill has offered to Mercedes“.