Lauda: “The season starts from zero in Barcelona”


The Grand Prix of Spain has been marked in red in all the calendars of the teams of the grill on which improvements are referred to in the respective cars. So much so that Niki Lauda, a non-executive member of the board of Mercedes, believes that the Spanish appointment will mark a new start of the season.

This year, with the entry into force of the new regulation, the margin of evolution is very considerable, and not only at the level aero. With the increase in size of the cars, tires and fuel tank, among other things, cars have gained a lot of weight and teams like Mercedes or Force India exceed the minimum weight, and thus lighten their cars to make use of ballasts in order to improve the dynamic behavior. “The season will start from zero in Barcelona, who has the best evolutions? What we will see in Barcelona”, said Lauda in a statement picked up by Autosport.

And it is not in vain, the performance difference between Ferrari and Mercedes is minimal and, therefore, the efficiency of the evolutions introduced in the next race will be decisive for the development of the championship.


Good replacement for Nico Rosberg

A championship that might have earned another candidate in Valtteri Bottas, who with his victory in Sochi have been put in contention for the title. But Niki Lauda does not believe that can be said categorically, because it is still too soon to know if the victory in the Russian lands was an isolated event or a trend for the rest of the year. “it Was a race, he won his first Grand Prix and now we have to wait, you can’t force this kind of things. Bottas was fastest in Russia, because he won the race, but Lewis is an exceptional talent, a World Champion. Bottas will beat you, but maybe the next three times Lewis do”.

Niki Lauda, however, has one thing clear in relation to Valtteri Bottas: it is an excellent replacement of the current champion of the Formula 1, retired. “you can’t say, but it is certainly a very good replacement of Nico (Rosberg). A pole and a victory in four races is not bad”.