Laugh at him: but this car has three seats, and consumed only 2,64 liters/100 km (without being a hybrid)

it Is a fact. In the future we will have to move in vehicles that, at a minimum, is very efficient and sparing in their consumption. Our habits of urbanites, in addition, will require that we turn to models of sustainable transport, in which the private vehicle increasingly, it will be more difficult to gain a foothold. Maybe the solution will come to us in the hand of small vehicles, and consumption ridiculous. And that is where this Shell Concept Car I would like to become a hollow to get to our garage. What you see is a triplaza consumed only 2,64 liters/100 kilometers. Does it make sense for a city car like this?

This prototype is based on the Gordon Murray T. 25, a utility that not only wants to be sustainable, and perfect for its size to navigate through the city, but also accessible.

The big difference with the T. 25 is that this prototype has been developed in collaboration with the Shell, the company of hydrocarbons in order to further improve its energy performance with the use of lubricants designed to measure the mechanics of this vehicle. Shell ensures that have worked with Gordon Murray and his engineers lubricants for the design of the mechanical, friction materials, and the performance of the lubricant, to minimize the energy consumption.


Bear in mind that this car is equipped with a three-cylinder engine, which is more than enough to move the few 550 kilograms of that mark on the scale. Surprisingly, in its narrow cabin can accommodate – with regard to the meaning stricter of the word – up to 3 people.

shell-concept-car-07The result, it would be a utility with consumption approved of 2,64 liters/100 km of gasoline, according to the cycle european, without requiring the complexity of a hybrid system, or a system plug-in hybrid, and the cost and the price are the batteries.

shell-concept-car-05Source: Shell
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