Laurens Vanthoor wins the FIA GT World Cup of shame


The FIA GT World Cup has starred in one of the end-most surreal of the story in a chequered career in the Circuit Da Guia of Macao in which the belgian Laurens Vanthoor has been proclaimed champion although suffered a heavy accident with his Audi R8 LMS, a mishap that caused the red flag that put an end to the test. The result of this particular decision, Kévin Estre and Maro Engel completed the podium of the test, the whole time that Earl Bamber has fallen from second to tenth place by a penalty of time.

Laurens Vanthoor won the first battle in the same
after get stop the drive of the drivers of the Porsche, crossing the
curve ‘Lisbon’ in the first position. Earl Bamber and Kévin Estre is maintained to its
, with Maro Engel in fourth position. For his part, Edo Mortara got
climb up to the thirteenth position, same in the end of the Qualifying
Race and that was desposeía by a penalty. All in all, the first round
it also served to Renger Van der Zande climb to the sixth position after
fast forward to Nicky Catsburg and Fabian Plentz and even to live the first
Safety Car for the accident of Ricky Cover

The mishap of the BMW Z4 of the austrian and the arrangements in the protections provoking that what at first was a Safety Car it became a red flag two laps later. An hour later, the race is relanzaba and did it with some controversy about whether Earl Bamber was charged with five seconds to add to its time of final race for the light touch that he had with Maro Engel. However, this happened a second plane, any time you Earl Bamber became the new leader of the test the beat Laurens Vanthoor in the output.


What no one could guess is that this maneuver was the preamble of the accident the strongest of the weekend. Laurens Vanthoor was shocked with their Audi R8 LMS in the barriers of the curve ‘Mandarin’, out catapulted with great violence. The result is that the GT3 German flying several meters before end dump in the middle of the track. Luckily, no other car impacted against the Audi R8 LMS and Laurens Vanthoor left the car by his own foot. All in all, the red flag came to make an act of presence in the streets of the former Portuguese colony.

All in all, the strong accident of Laurens Vanthoor and the great
delay accumulated in the test meant that Race Direction decided not to
restarting the race
. The result of this resolution, and in a decision that promises
have consequences, Laurens Vanthoor was proclaimed champion of the FIA GT World
by taking the results of the previous round and not the time of the
mishap. This fact, coupled with the sanction of Earl Bamber of five seconds, let a podium completed by Kévin Estre and Maro Engel. The own Bamber fell to the fourth
position, while Adderly Fong was the fifth-ranked
in one of the lower end esperpénticos that are remembered.

final Result of the FIA GT World Cup in Macau

Position Pilot Car Time / Difference
1 Laurens Vanthoor Audi R8 LMS 4 turns
2nd Kévin Estre Porsche 911 RSR GT3 +0.721
3rd Maro Engel Mercedes-AMG GT3 +1.542
4th Adderly Fong Bentley Continental GT3 +2.503
5th Renger van der Zande Mercedes-AMG GT3 +2.866
6th Nicky Catsburg BMW M6 GT3 +3.400
7th Fabian Plentz Audi R8 LMS +4.056
8th Mirko Bortolotti Lamborghini Hurricane GT3 +4.366
9th Cheng Congfu Audi R8 LMS +5.133
10th Earl Bamber Porsche 911 RSR GT3 +5.301