Lay it Down, the insufferable christian version of the Entire Gas desconocías

My friend Joan sent me a link to a news story that I might be interested in. It is an article of Cinemanía – fantastic piece, it has no waste – that speaks of a movie called “Lay it Down”. It is a christian version, a movie religious launched in 2001 that follows the steps of A todo Gas (The Fast and The Furious). Well, it is almost a plagiarism, with a message of the gospel very clear. The problem is that it was launched just months after At full throttle, and your poster is suspiciously similar to. But what of the demons?

The film was directed by a such Michael Cargile, who did not return to direct a feature film after “Lay it Down”.

first of all, a clarification: the word “insufferable” used in the title is not intended to hurt the religious freedom of anyone. It has to do with the quality of the film: its note is of only 4.8 on IMDB, and even the fans of this genre affirm that this low-budget film leaves christians by soils. It enlarges the negative connotations of evangelization, has a lousy edition, uses flat manidos until the end and the plot is really loose. Maybe that’s why its duration of only 45 minutes. It is a medium-length film.

The film is about a pair of brothers, fans of the illegal races of cars. One of them has a serious accident, and on the verge of death, has a religious revelation: stop drinking alcohol, maintain a relationship with his girlfriend, and leaves the world of car racing. However, you must pay off a debt with an old rival, and ends up making one last race. Topicazo after topicazo. The trailer is on these lines, and has no waste. It is flesh-cycle Z Series, if it is that you are able to tolerate it as a whole.

I stay with one of the phrases series of sound bites the protagonist: “there is Only one mechanic that can repararte, and his name is Jesus”.

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