Le Rendez-Vous Toyota, a walk through the creative design of Toyota


Toyota Kikai Concept

Located a step from the Arc de Triomphe, Le Rendez-Vous Toyota is the center of the exhibition’s most emblematic of the japanese brand in Europe. Here do not sell cars or merchandise but the view of the car from the point of view of the firm (nippon: the facilities of Paris are a door to innovation, design technology and history of Toyota.

Open every day of the year, with free access and intended for all ages with activities for the whole family we are not surprised to receive more than a million visitors from around the world each year. In the exhibition hall of the number 79 of the Avenue of the Champs-Elysées brings together exclusive models including classic cars and iconic, prototypes, and Toyota sports along with a series of interactive experiences.

The exhibitions are renewed several times a year. We have been to Le Rendez-Vous Toyota and our visit has coincided with the shows “Creative Design of Toyota” that has as a purpose to go into the process of car design and leads to a deployment of some of the most exciting and innovative created by the firm nippon.

From the large windows of the famous avenue of paris, the prominence falls on the spectacular Toyota FT-1. This concept with graphite, painting presented at the Salon of Detroit 2014 is on display on a rotating platform and captures the gaze of all passers-by. It is logical: collects all the racing heritage of Toyota and in its future production version will be the model most desired of the range.


Toyota FT-1 Concept

however, this is not the vehicle that we get no more enter through the door of Le Rendez-Vous, that honor falls on the Toyota Kikai. This prototype two-door and three squares presented in the Lounge of Tokyo in 2015 reflects the ingenuity and creativity of the japanese brand, leaving a large part of its mechanics to view.

The manufacturer could not forget the successful hybrid technology, represented by two models that are currently available on the market. The popular Prius, with his risky aerodynamic design that breaks the mold, takes the center of the room. Next to him a peculiar Auris hybrid Touring Sports sectioned in two parts, reveals to us its internal structure.

in the background the role is for a fabulous Toyota 2000 GT of 1968, one of the models most iconic signature. This coupe revolutionized the automobile industry in the Country of the Rising Sun because it was the first supercar japanese. Only produced 351 units and a is in Le Rendez-Vous Toyota.


Toyota 2000 GT

TO one side, as if wanting to save the discretion, inhabits the revolutionary Toyota FV2 that was presented in the Hall of Tokyo 2013. This single-seater concept of flowing lines is devoid of steering wheel since the driver directs the vehicle by shifting their body. The Toyota design allows the connection man-machine not only to scroll but also by varying the color of the body depending on the mood of the driver and providing relevant information on the windshield with projection system with augmented reality.

In the upstairs the surprises continue, is the area racing. An impressive Toyota Celica GT of 1975 gives us to welcome. The coupe 2+2 was the proposed sports affordable of the brand, and this first generation, with victories in the racing world and its seductive style, meant the germ of the venerated family Celica.


Toyota Celica GT

Toyota has design centers in Japan, the united States and France

Next to it is located a Toyota MR2, 1989. This two-seater with roof targa had a philosophy breakthrough, becoming the first japanese sports with central engine. Its superb design and an interior futuristic for the time were so daring that the MR2 had its own logo, an eagle on a red background.

To your side you will find a sensational Toyota Supra, 1994. This fourth and final generation is the most awaited broke with the previous straight lines of his predecessors, and his body rounded forms, where there is no lack the emblematic spoiler, it is still a real beauty today. A design by which not the passing of the years.


Toyota Supra mk IV

The last car this is the Toyota GT86 with a unit vinilada-style racing cars. With the conception of this model has recovered the sports tradition more purist, with a compact coupe of propulsion rear-facing to maximize the driving pleasure.

Although the cars are the centerpiece, other items complement the visit to immerse ourselves fully in the past and future of Toyota. Contribute their grain of sand-the information panels that show the key of each element exposed, a clay model to scale of the Toyota C-HR and children’s workshops for the enjoyment of the little ones.

The best example are the interactive experiences such as the screens that allow us to perform our custom designs of a GT86 or the addictive driving simulator that allows us to put ourselves in the skin of a rider of the team Toyota Gazoo Racing Endurance World Championship (WEC).