Lead, are going to end? This is the user interface that invade autonomous car Volvo Gothenburg in 2017

What will our cars as they do not require a driver to take us to our destination? Good question. Google conceived an egg-shaped car without steering wheel or pedals, or wipers, because, hell, no driver needed. So Google car had to face the harsh reality. Even for a testing phase on open roads, it will require a user interface like any other car, allowing its non-autonomous use. And that line works for Volvo and controls simplify its first autonomous cars and get their autonomous ability, and the possibility that the driver take the controls are perfectly compatible .

Volvo customers will enjoy the first autonomous cars in 2017

Volvo has thought of an environment in which there will be suitable for autonomous cars and road sections where the driver has to take the controls . So that the driver receives a warning on the interface that will tell you that approaches an area of ​​autonomous driving, and the ability to delegate responsibility to drive in your car. The driver presses the two gearshift paddles on the steering wheel at a time (a similar movement to do some sports to disengage the gear, and select the N mode, the impasse of transmission), the lighting of the cams changes and the autopilot is operational.

When the stretch of autonomous driving is finished, the driver will be warned to take the controls. If this does not take the wheel, the car will automatically stop in a safe place.


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A conceptual technology? Yes and no. This user interface will be available soon , in 2017. On the streets of Gothenburg in Sweden, will be rolling 100-based autonomous cars Volvo XC90 and all of them will have this technology . The project aims Drive Me autonomous cars start rolling in real environments, and not only that, they come forward as important as crossing barrier test engineers, to be used in the daily life of 100 customers private.

volvo-intellisafe-auto-pilot-interfaz-01 This project was born not only of the effort to create those hundred Volvo cars and deliver autonomous individuals, without the continuous supervision of a team of testers and engineers, but also the Swedish city authorities. Gothenburg will have 50 kilometers of roads to travel authorized autonomous cars, making it one of the cities that enjoy a more advanced legislation autonomous car and the protagonist of one of the projects that will make autonomous driving is closer dealers.

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Volvo customers will enjoy the first autonomous cars in 2017


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