Leaked specifications of the Ford Mustang 2018

Especificaciones filtradas del Ford Mustang

The facelift that will suffer the Ford Mustang, presented at the Detroit motor show this month of January and that it will hit markets in 2018, comes loaded of interesting new developments. Engines with remote start, reduction in consumption or a new automatic gearbox 10 speed, are some of them.

Available at two versions, coupe and convertible, the Ford Mustang 2018 will have two types of engines as in the current version, a powerful V8 5-liter and an Ecoboost engine of 2.3-litre. It is expected that both engines exceed the numbers of 410 HP and 312 HP that currently offer these units of power respectively.

Ford also hinted at a better consumption and a better couple, due to the new gearbox 10-speed that will incorporate this model. In addition to the new front and rear bumpers, which according to the brand provide a better aerodynamics, added some LED headlights and three new colors available (11 available in total) for the body. Body that, in this facelift, it has undergone several changes, as it has grown in 1.5 centimetres of its length, although, on the contrary, the rear seats have lost 4 inches of space.

Ford Mustang 2018

In the interior, the new Mustang 2018 will have series of the infotainment system Ford SYNC 3, SiriusXM radio with six months of testing, monitoring system tire pressure, back-up camera and call system in case of emergency E-Call. As optional equipment there is a instrument panel fully digital 12-inch, as we see in the Ford GT introduced last year, voice navigation, Premium audio system Shaker Pro and lane-keeping assistants (the famous LKA).

In terms of mechanics, Ford has improved the stabilizer bars and shock absorbers, which will provide a better handling of the car. It will be available also to the system of suspension adaptive call Magneride in the sports package Performance Package.

As a novelty in terms of connectivity, the application Fordpass for smartphone it will be also compatible with this Mustang 2018, which will make that we can open, close, find or start the car from our phone. The specifications of this facelift will be revealed in the autumn, and it is expected that the first models begin to reach the european markets in around the beginning of 2018. price will be slightly higher to 38,000€ that there are budgeted currently to be able to take this american icon, increasingly become more european and modernized.

Source – Mustang6g