Leaked the first images of the Mercedes GLS 2016 (former GL)

The truth is that we had a time without knowing of him, and he was surprised not to have seen him on other occasions. The last time that we get it was in the month of July last year, during one of his tests of resistance in the united States. The old GL is already finished, and a few leaks show us the Mercedes GLS 2016.


a Few changes we can see in the GLS, the old GL

as you could see it coming, the changes are not very deep, at least not in the parts that we can see, el morro and back. The face wash has affected the presentation of the front, where are inserted the round headlamps of the new generation of Mercedes, like the trapezoidal grille and the bumper that looks like part of the unit AMG.

If scarce are the changes in the face of the Mercedes GLS, the more scarce they are in your rear. It’s hard to find a change between a current model and renewed. Only the headlights have a new design, and certainly that technology, going to be the LED. Beyond that you cannot appreciate anything.

Surely the most profound changes we find in the interior. The presentation of the elements will be practically the same as now, except surprise, but there will be a significant improvement in terms of the technology. More security features will become apparent, the same as a system COMMAND of new generation.


This front has all the paint to correspond to a unit AMG

Mechanically speaking, the GLS 2016 will have the same engines that looks at the present, although revised to be more efficient and less consumptive. What every day takes more strength is the arrival of a version of conglomerate presence signed by Maybach. A model that should cope with the Bentley Bentayga, though at the moment there is no official confirmation.