Leclerc leads from beginning to end in Austria for his fourth victory of the year


The triumphal march of Charles Leclerc continues to full performance after winning the biggest race of the Formula 2 at the Red Bull Ring. The pilot monegasque, starting from the pole, kept the lead at the start and, with the exception of the lap in which the japanese Nobuharu Matsushita stretched out his stop, he led all to the checkered flag, while at all times maintaining a safety margin with the second classified.

for much of the race, that runner-up was his teammate, Antonio Fuoco, who accompanied him on the first line. Both they and Alexander Albon and Matsushita, the pilots of ART and his main pursuers in the race, opted to leave with the tire harder and stop at the end of the race. For its part, the DAMS preferred to go out with the soft, and stop soon. Oliver Rowland paid for a bad start falling from the fourth to the sixth position behind his teammate Nicholas Latifi, but your strategy gave benefits to both: the match stops, were the second and the fourth.

Rowland chipped away more rubber than his teammate during the race, in an attempt futile of reach Leclerc, and ended up being overtaken by Fuoco and Latifi. All in all, the Italian, who had a new set of soft tyres, he could not contain the canadian, riding hard from the back 5, and was advanced to only two laps from the end. Despite this, Fuoco added that, by far, is his best result of the season. Leclerc had problems similar to those of Fuoco in the last two laps, but his mattress, which reached nearly 7 seconds, it was enough to see the checkered flag before anyone else.

on the Sidelines of the fight for the podium, Albon and Matsushita completed a right career in fifth and sixth position. The duel for the remaining points positions was more intense. Norman Born and Luca Ghiotto battled in the first laps, but the first abandoned soon by a mechanical problem, and the second stalled at the exit of pit lane. Thus, the group led by Jordan King passed to the action. After him, it was Sergio Canamasas, after a good first lap which placed him tenth, but the spaniard was quite lacking in rhythm with the hard tyre.


Having stopped later than others, on lap 8, Ralph Boschung managed to overtake King in the 15th round to get that seventh position and the first line in the sprint race. In the pole position tomorrow, having finished eighth today, will Artem Markelov, who gained several positions in the first laps and opted for the strategy of the men of head. After King, the area of points was a pitched battle in which they ended up imposing, surprisingly, Sean Gelael. The indonesian, who last year scored an unlikely podium helped by a Safety Car, made the latter point to base of overtaking to the limit. One of them was to Canamasas, who finished the race in 15th position, being surpassed by Ghiotto in the final turn.

With this victory, the advantage of Leclerc reaches the impressive figure of 59 points on Rowland, a margin of more than one event can be decisive. Markelov is maintained in the third position and Latifi extended his advantage in the fourth position, while Matsushita exceeds the unfortunate Ghiotto in the fifth position of the general. The sprint race will take place the morning of Sunday, the 10:20.

main Race of the Formula 2 2017 at the Red Bull Ring

Position Pilot Turns Time / difference
1 Charles Leclerc Prema Racing 40 52:21.629
Nicholas Latifi DAMS 40 1.345
3rd Antonio Fuoco Prema Racing 40 5.160
4th Oliver Rowland DAMS 40 5.682
Alexander Albon ART Grand Prix 40 9.846
6th Nobuharu Matsushita ART Grand Prix 40 12.179
7th Ralph Boschung Campos Racing 40 19.400
8th Artem Markelov Russian Time 40 20.385
9th Jordan King MP Motorsport 40 30.481
10th Sean Gelael Pertamina Arden 40 33.662
11th Robert Visoiu Campos Racing 40 35.636
12 Gustav Malja Racing Engineering 40 36.011
13th Nyck de Vries Rapax 40 44.145
14th Luca Ghiotto Russian Time 40 46.896
15 SERGIO CANAMASAS Rapax 40 48.883
16th Sérgio Sette Câmara MP Motorsport 40 50.940
17 Louis Delétraz Racing Engineering 40 53.423
18 Nabil Jeffri Trident 40 56.881
19th Raffaele Marciello Trident 39 +1v
Norman Nato Pertamina Arden 5

overall Classification of the Formula 2 2017 (round 5 11)

Position Pilot Puntos
Charles Leclerc Prema Racing 151
2nd Oliver Rowland DAMS 92
3rd Artem Markelov Russian Time 82
4th Nicholas Latifi DAMS 71
5th Nobuharu Matsushita ART Grand Prix 60
6th Luca Ghiotto Russian Time 58
7th Alexander Albon ART Grand Prix 47
8th Nyck de Vries Rapax 45
9th Norman Born Pertamina Arden 43
10th Jordan King MP Motorsport 39
11th Gustav Malja Racing Engineering 28
12 Antonio Fuoco Prema Racing 17
13th Johnny Cecotto, Jr. Rapax 16
14th Ralph Boschung Campos Racing 11
15 Sergey Sirotkin ART Grand Prix 9
16th SERGIO CANAMASAS Trident / Rapax 3