LeEco LeSEE, the electric chinese which promises to be superior to the Tesla Model S in all aspects

first of all, let’s clarify who are the main players in this story. LeEco is a huge chinese company, very diversified, and focused on products streaming television. The Netflix chinese, as some define it. It possesses a great division of ecological products and efficient call LeEco. The owner is the billionaire chinese Jia Yueting, who has funded part of the project Faraday Future and collaborates with Aston Martin on supply of electrical components for the Rapide electric. Is people that is serious about.

A rival autonomous Tesla Model S

Although there are not many details, this power will come at the end of the decade and promises to be faster than the Tesla Model S.

For this reason we take seriously the car that you just submit. It’s called LeSEE, whose acronym ESS to mean “Super Electric Ecosystem”. It is a car that aims to fight against the growing sales of the Tesla Model S in China, where it is considered a luxury car and status of court technology. As you can see, has a similar appearance to the Model S: it is a coupe, four-door futuristic look, whose principal sign of identity is a peculiar front – also without the calender – with a footprint of the light feature.

leeco-lesee-electrico-6 What is this “frying pan” located on your roof? It is a radar LIDAR, which allows the car to drive by itself, analyzing the limits of the road or the vehicles that surround the car. A system of cameras to read signs and recognize objects. In the interior of the car, LeEco promises an ecosystem of infotainment revolutionary cloud-based. By using apps, each passenger will be able to customize their onboard experience, accessing streaming media content, television. Or you can work on your projects.

The car may belong to fleets of car-sharing as individuals. The future of mobility arises moved.

The LeEco LeSEE is a car with capabilities autonomous, connected to the infrastructure and other vehicles. At least on paper, since they have not communicated specific details about your technology – just promises. It is also a car made to be driven: announces a benefits that are superior to those of the Tesla Model S and a top speed of 210 km/h. You will be able to recharge wirelessly, but we don’t know the recharge times, as well as their autonomy or power in the end. I see potential, but little information.

leeco-lesee-electrico-7A last point to note is that LeEco does not see the future of this car only in the sale to private individuals. The car can belong to fleets of car-sharing, and through the app we will be able to know if that LeSEE parked in the street it is individual or belongs to a fleet of shared, and we can use it. The future of mobility, it is necessarily for the services of the sharing economy and mobility services, moving away from the traditional concept of private use of a car.

Source: Jalopnik
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