LeEco will build a factory of 3,000 million dollars

LeEco LeSee

Although it is still relatively unknown, LeEco is a chinese manufacturer that wants to revolutionize the world of electric vehicles. The man behind this project is the multi-million dollar chinese Jia Yueting, which also has to Faraday’s Future in the united States. In fact recently resign Ding Lei, was the CEO of Faraday Future and it has been announced that will focus on LeEco. Although today we are going to talk about another topic.

Although the situation of Faraday is in the air and there is a lot of doubt around, it appears that LeEco moves strong. It seems that they have begun to build a factory of 3,000 million dollars in China. An investment very considerable that exceeds the factory of 1,000 million dollars that began to build Faraday Future in Nevada a couple of months ago, but now their activities, have been paralyzed.

LeEco LeSee

In the new factory of LeEco will produce the electrical that have planned to release. The first to arrive could be the LeSee, the sedan that we see in the images. This model has been developed with the help of Faraday’s Future, of which they take the technology. Subsequently will come a full range of models that are likely to have another approach and will be more affordable.

The future of both companies will be resolved in the next few weeks. Faraday Future plans to show an important development in the CES in Las Vegas. We will see if you have a good host and you get to save the situation in the united States and restore plans. In any case, the growth of LeEco in China still on-going and I’m sure that it will be a mark which we will discuss in the next few years.

Source – Electrek