Leo Messi steals Cristiano Ronaldo the Ferrari (almost) the most expensive in the world. Reason: here.

you are Probably wondering if the world has gone mad. This weekend we knew that this brand new Ferrari 335S Spider Scaglietti had been on the verge of becoming the sport’s most expensive ever auctioned off, reaching a bid of $ 36 million, some 32 million euros at the current exchange rate. And today we knew other news. Lionel Messi would have been the lucky one that has been done to him, beating – to make matters worse – his nemesis – so to speak – in the land of game, Cristiano Ronaldo. Are we facing a new eccentricity of footballers? Or does this movement hides something more?

you’re Probably thinking that the football players have so much money that they no longer know in what to spend it on. Definitely, to pay 32 million euros for a car it is necessary to have a lot of money. But we are convinced that Lionel Messi, confirmed the information published by Robb Report, which suggests that the seller has confirmed that he is their new owner, will not be allowed to see in the street with his new Ferrari. And hardly will arrive in a classic from 1957 to training, breaking down the commercial discipline that requires that you use your company car, your Audi.

The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo also present at the bid nor is it a coincidence, or a plan of the destination, but probably a strategy of investments that are worth taking into account.


  • In the last few years we have seen what, according to many analysts is a real bubble. We talk about classics that have multiplied their price, in a climbing seemingly unstoppable, which is leading to many capitals, to direct its investment towards a business that formerly was reserved especially to the collectors. Today many are those who see with good eyes the investing in classics, especially in a time in which many other values have ceased to be insurance.

    a football player to acquire a classic is not news, or anything that we need to wonder.

    , a player bid for one of the classics, the most expensive ever auctioned should already calling for our attention.

    But, definitely, that the two best players in the world have bid for the second classic most expensive ever auctioned off, and one of them is done with him, at least be a surprise and lead us to imagine that someone is advising footballers to invest their money in these parts. Classics that very probably will continue to revalorizándose, and at a good pace, in the coming years.

    you Already know, the speculation and the bubble in the classic car.

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