Leonardo Pulcini surprises to ART and achieves the pole


Everything pointed to a domain total and absolute ART. The times in the tests, the times in free practice and the time in the first few minutes of the classification, in addition to two years of control of the grill, they were more than indicative. However, the surprise that no one wanted to believe in winter it became a reality. After you get a few times fabulous achacados to low fuel or new tires, Leonardo Pulcini begins your new journey with Fields in a big way, earning the pole position for the first race of the GP3 in Barcelona.

With a late time 1:32.258, the Italian rider, who achieved his only podium last year in this circuit, and now in its second season in the category, won three of the four pilots of the powerful training gala, headed, surprisingly, by the which, in principle, was the weakest link, the Russian Nikita Mazepin, that led much of the session with a 1:32.315. Behind him, he ended up the only survivor of the second year of the team, Anthoine Hubert, which has today announced a partnership with the Formula 1 team Renault, and the british Callum Ilott, which did not respond to the expectations of pole generated.

Pulcini was not the only one face surprising of Fields in the first positions, because, in the seventh position, finished the rookie Simo Laaksonen, from the Formula 4. On his return to the category, MP Motorsport has curdled a great job with their two riders on the main, Niko Kari and Dorian Boccolacci, and takeover the third line in Saturday’s race. On the contrary, , Will Palmer, confirmed this week for the seat, could not move from the last position.


In eighth place, a good David Beckmann led to the formation of Jenzer, while Alessio Lorandi and a disappointing Giuliano Alesi, with a car very nervous during all the day, competaron the top 10 for Trident ahead of Jake Hughes, the only verse loose ART. – no. The third leg of Fields this season, Diego Menchaca, could only be 16th, after a complicated day in which caused a red flag in free practice in the morning to lose control of the curve 4. The main race will take place at 10:15 sábado.

1 L. Pulcini Fields Racing 1:32.258
2 N. Mazepin ART Grand Prix 1:32.315 0.057
3 A. Hubert ART Grand Prix 1:32.405 0.147
4 C. Ilott ART Grand Prix 1:32.550 0.292
5 N. Kari MP Motorsport 1:32.590 0.332
6 D. Boccolacci MP Motorsport 1:32.606 0.348
7 S. Laaksonen Fields Racing 1:32.774 0.516
8 D. Beckmann Jenzer Motorsport 1:32.796 0.538
9 A. Lorandi Trident 1:32.802 0.544
10 G. Alesi Trident 1:32.829 0.571
11 J. Hughes ART Grand Prix 1:32.855 0.597
12 J. Correa Jenzer Motorsport 1:32.894 0.636
13 P. Piquet Trident 1:32.953 0.695
14 T. Calderón Jenzer Motorsport 1:32.955 0.697
15 J. Falchero Arden International 1:33.099 0.841
16 D. Menchaca Fields Racing 1:33.135 0.877
17 J. Mawson Arden International 1:33.168 0.910
18 G. Aubry Arden International 1:33.252 0.994
19 R. Tveter Trident 1:33.665 1.407
20 W. Palmer MP Motorsport 1:33.710 1.452