LeSami, the off-road perfect storm: French side, Japanese soul, American heart

The vehicle that has just been put on sale in a forgotten corner of Michigan has been dubbed LeSami . It is a Suzuki Samurai on which the body of a Citroen 2CV has been mounted. In itself this would already be worth mentioning – the exotic mix – but there are more factors to consider. One of them is the impressive off-road preparation and another is LeSami American hearts eight cylinders to move to this freak of nature. Really want to know more.

Keep the rear seats hammock Original Citroen 2CV.

all started with Citroen 2CV 1968 . Just the body was in good condition, so that the owner acquired the chassis of a Suzuki Samurai and adapted to your body measurements. It was not an easy job, since he had to widen the body and lengthen the chassis of Suzuki . No note, but is almost 20 cm wider than a conventional Citroen 2CV. I guess the fact retain the original hood of the car help. Off-road tires and a body kit complete a very adventurous foreign authentic infarction.

Grace is the small details. For example, your matte painting, the spare wheel on the tailgate and a gasoline very camper. Inside it is equipped of table radio and stereo – why be retro – and an instrumentation that has nothing to do with a Samurai. Because it is not connected to the motor of a Samurai or a Citroen 2CV to. If you fijásteis earlier in his calender you are a Chevrolet logo. For their power is American, and V8. [1.99901 million]

employs an engine 5.7 small-block V8 carbureted unknown but assumed power exceeding 200 hp. But more power you have is much torque, as good American engine. This creation is up for auction on eBay, which already exceeds $ 10,000. Its owner has invested more than $ 30,000 in parts, so we hope to recover part of their investment. [1.99901 million]
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