Let we hunt for the new Suzuki Swift Sport 2017 for Spanish roads!

Suzuki Swift Sport 2017

We have “caught in commission of a crime” of the small urban-sporty japanese; in particular, in the A66 direction Lisbon – Spain. The new Suzuki Swift Sport comes loaded of novelties to be able to carve a niche among the fierce competition of the segment B. A model that is half-way between the Ignis and is Positioned within the range Suzuki.

With this, there are five generations of this city, of which four have arrived in Spain. The last released version was presented in 2010 and since then, has undergone subtle changes that have not been sufficiently intense and for this reason, we have been leaving behind in terms of design and technology with respect to its more direct rivals.

Suzuki Swift Sport 2017

As mentioned earlier, the imminent arrival of the new Seat Ibiza 2017 or the Nissan Micra and the renewed Renault Clio, Toyota Yaris, Skoda Fabia,… and even the arrival of the Suzuki Positioned made it mandatory for the renewal of the Swift. It will be very different to the model it replaces; more width (4 cm), lower and with a wheelbase greater (about 2.5 m in front of the to 2.43 m in the previous model).

How will the new Swift Sport?

Suzuki Swift Sport

The current Swift Sport incorporates a reliable and robust engine delivers maximum power of 1.6 L DOHC four-cylinder gasoline and 136CV power to 6,900 rpm. With only 1.045 Kg of weight, stands by a dynamic behaviour and fun. What is more likely is that you do not change one iota in this regard but what will change will be your mechanics. In addition, it will now be “more car”; gain poise in the road and stability on the curve.

All indications are that the new Suzuki Swift Sport will incorporate a 1.4 BoosterJet turbo. An evolution of the riding the Suzuki Vitara that will yield an output close to the 140CV and you will improve on fuel consumption and in pleasure driving. Will come attached to a gearbox 6-speed manual, in addition to discussing the possibility of docking it to the system Allgrip AWD.

In the interior, there will be details that will make your sportsmanship as a steering wheel flattened or, for example, the details in red color in the instrumentation. The equipment of series will be another of the points that Suzuki wants to stand out. Now will include features like Bluetooth connection, USB port, outlet, auxiliary,… even browser GPS for the versions equipped.

Photos provided by: Enrique Redondo Luengo

Suzuki Swift
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