Let’s fire! Do not miss the first test video of the Ferrari F12tdf, the V12, the more radical of the planet

Ferrari F12tdf is a Ferrari exceptional. We’ve already seen it roar and burn wheel on his presentation at the Mugello circuit, and now it is the turn of the guys of Coach. A few lucky journalists, who have been able to squeeze at will the chassis of the F12 most special ever created in the circuit of Fiorano. And of course, I have recorded whole video to be able to tell us their impressions at the wheel of a V12 a maximum power of 780 CV, of which only 799 fortunate to be able to be owners.

Can the Ferrari F12tdf is one of the last Ferrari’s traditional to see the light of day.

Will have to be at least 5 Ferrari’s, and pay a sum of money as yet unknown. It is then when you can put at the controls of a beast capable of doing the 0 to 100 km/h in 2,9 seconds. Aerodynamic drag is active, and has released the first system of four-wheel steering in a Ferrari. This system allows you to have a greater width in the tyres of the front axle, with a grip of monuments. It is not a car to go sideways, according to Autocar, a car is to draw curves with line drawing.

The engine has a push monumental and an immediacy in the response to the it takes getting used to. Possibly a car difficult to drive on the streets, has a responsivity more like that of a racing car. Many agreed that the Ferrari F12 had too much power – 740 HP without awd is not mucus from turkey – and the Ferrari F12tdf is even more powerful. Perhaps this makes him more special, coupled with his image of the neoclassical, the sound torn and his bestial slimming diet.

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