LEVC TX, the new taxi british (and european)

Now yes, this is the final form of the car called to be the king of the taxi in United Kingdom, and -who knows – other european cities. It’s called LEVC TX, until the date we had referred to it as London Taxi TX5. In fact, the company will no longer be called more London Taxi Company (LTC), but London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC).

LEVC is owned by Geely, the owners of Volvo, Polestar and LYNC&CO

This change of name is in line with the new times, LEVC will not simply to sell you taxis, but electric vehicles for urban, as there will be later a light commercial vehicle. That future model will be able to compete with the electric versions of the Nissan NV200, Citroen Berlingo/Peugeot Partner or Renault Kangoo.

But we have come to speak of taxis. The TX -without number – it is a taxi electric with range extender, the same solution that has the BMW i3 REX or the Opel Ampera for the first generation. It is an electric car that, when you need more autonomy, obtained from a generator fueled with gasoline. We lack still technical data about it.


The LEVC TX can roll about 100 kilometers without the need of the generator, so that for short runs it may work mainly with electricity and avoid large costs for taxi drivers. If it is necessary to accept a long run, you can extend his trot up to 640 miles using gasoline.

According to LEVC, you can save 100 pounds (112 € to change) per week in fuel

Now this model has no rival, since there is no electric extended range with a capacity for six passengers, baggage, adaptation to move a person in a wheelchair, rear doors with 90-degree opening and the agility required for the approval of london (diameter between sidewalks).

Is positioned closer to the Nissan e-NV200 prepared specifically to serve as a taxi in London, only that the van japanese lacks range extender and it solely depends on the charging of your batteries electrochemical. The TX takes much longer to download their batteries with the help of the generator.


Imminent opening of orders

from 1 August all interesandos in purchasing a TX will be able to sign up for the waiting list. The company has already announced its first commission international, the Dutch company RMC has been asked 225 units of the new taxi british.

LEVC is still giving the final touches to his new model, which has been tested in extreme weather conditions very far from those of London, like the Arizona desert or the polar circle in the Arctic. Our spies have been caught more than once with camouflage.

To the TX’s serve in Madrid or Barcelona, will be necessary for an individual approval, since there is no freedom of choice in such cases. In the rest of the country will surely see more than a TX, especially in cities such as Bilbao, Malaga or island territories with a network of recharging decent.


¿why extended range electric?

This design is compatible with the restrictions of London, which requires taxis to be cleaner and that they are not animated by diesel engines. With the technological support given to the previously called London Taxi Company, this design is the most convenient.

Allow an economy of use similar to the taxi 100% electric -of which there is little variety – but have an autonomy similar to that of a taxi’s diesel. In addition, the driving characteristics of the taxis the range extender is a good solution, the unknown factor is still the price.

LEVC sell taxis -and later light commercial vehicles – within and outside the Uk, because it is not equipped with the de facto monopoly that guaranteed them the regulatory british. is Not the taxi more pretty of the world, but on the inside is more comfortable and with a design more logical for that purpose.