Lewis Hamilton: “I’m a little crazy”


Photo: Mercedes

In 2015, has seen the Hamilton extroverted since I landed in Formula 1. That behavior without the helmet and the monkey posts has been accompanied, in turn, of their championship more simple, or at least the one that has achieved more peace of mind. In an interview with the BBC gave the key of his success: “This year, I think that has been a real transition for me. My friends told me something like ‘Hey, do you want to go out and have a drink or dinner?’ And in the past I said: ‘No, I have to get up to train’. Now I do, and also training. You have the balance, and this year has been incredible,”. A season that ended with ten wins, eleven pole positions, and a world won to the lack of three great prizes.

English admits that this year has felt more confident than ever of their chances, and also that it has come out more than I did until now. And will continue to in this way: “To be honest, it is the first year that I have done this really. And he knew that he would be in the party, I would get up and win the race. I think honestly that until this year had not gone really. Last year I went out three times, he was too concentrated. But it is too extreme. It has been one of the seasons most successful in my career. It’s great when people write those stories, I get up and get it. So I will continue.”

Lewis revealed a change in his contract, which has allowed him to break free and to enjoy more of life outside the circuits: “I Do everything, I do wakeboard, skydive, ski. I picked up the clause dangerous sports, and I took it from my contract, and I try to do it with balance”. Not intended to pass for Formula 1 as a pilot, and enjoys it as much as you can: “I don’t want to spend my career only riding, but of course I don’t want to sit down and see another driving my car. I am very cautious when I do these things, but I’m a little crazy. I like it, and I have to enjoy my work. He works very hard and is a very long year”.

When Hamilton became a three-time, even just by fighting three runs, for his misfortune: “you Still have to commit and work very hard, but you say to yourself something like ‘I’ve done my job, I hope that the season ends, I’d like to be able to go on holiday’. But even so come the last test and there are a lot of people who are still working, so you have to do the same,”. Lost concentration in the final straight of the championship, and although that did not take away the crown, did not end happy: “I didn’t have as much success as the rest of the year, but even so I was second, it was not so bad. It is true that nothing has changed in the championship, but I never like to perder”.