Lewis Hamilton: “it Means a lot to me to match Ayrton Senna”


Lewis Hamilton triumphed in the chaos of Austin and he won the title of Formula 1. At times your celebration was delayed to Mexico, but the chaos you feel good on a champion like Hamilton. The united states handed him his third championship and the british hardly believe it: “I can Not find the right words at this time to tell you how amazing is this. Could not have done it without this team that has given me strength. They have not made mistakes. Thank you guys for everything you have done for me”. Word champion on the podium.

After the ‘Good save the Queen’, Lewis Hamilton began to assimilate what has been achieved. The Mercedes driver is in the select group of drivers who have achieved three gimped as Niki Lauda, Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart, Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna. Especially excited was the british equal to Senna: “it Has been an experience that puts the feet on the ground. Means a lot to me to match Ayrton Senna. I feel very blessed today. My goal was to beat the three titles of AYront. It is not of my same country, but I was inspired by a young man”.

As usual, Lewis Hamilton is reminded of special moments you and your loved ones: , I can’t stop thinking about my first title. I remember that my father and I went back driving in singing ‘We are the champions’. It is crazy to think that I’m three times World champion of Formula 1. And I owe it all to my father, to my family, which has supported me all these years and have sacrificed a lot for me to be here”. Also not forgetting his fans: “And then, all the positive energy that I receive from my fans all around the world”.


On the chaotic race lived in the Circuit of the Americas, Lewis Hamilton stated: The last fifteen or twenty laps were hard. What a career that is amazing!!! I started well, after I was fighting for positions, trying to keep in front, but had no grip in the car, was fighting on all sides, skidding. The british added: “After I fell to the fourth position and the track began to dry, were the conditions most difficult for us at the time of piloting. In the last ten laps behind the safety car think that the world championship is there”.

despite the ultimate success in Austin, Hamilton recognizes that during certain phases of the race gave the title lost: “there Have been many times in which I thought I had lost the race. Nico stopped with the safety car and was really fast”. However, the british never give up: not for a second have I stopped believing that I could do it. And then we have pushed and pushed. Rosberg has raced at a high level. My respect as a teammate”.