Lewis Hamilton keeps track of the Mercedes-AMG GT R in the last teaser

Lewis Hamilton puts you in the shoes of an explorer in one of the most dense and dangerous jungles to find “The Beast of the Green Hell“. This is the last teaser video that gives us an insight of the debut of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R, the most radical of the coupé German, starring the famous and champion pilot of Formula 1.

Both the scenario as the nickname “Green Hell” make a clear reference to Nürburgring, giving to understand that there will be a time worthy of praise in the dangerous and emblematic path. We meet the new Mercedes-AMG GT R-the next day June 24 during the celebration of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which according to the images offered by the manufacturer will do it with a body of a green tone, very exclusive.


The Mercedes-AMG GT R will possess a aspect radicalized coupe with a front modified with huge air intakes, rear spoiler fixed of unprecedented proportions and a new diffuser that will make it more aggressive still. The carbon fiber it will also be a decorative element and functional since it will help to reduce the weight, for example with their employment in certain panels like the roof.

Its mechanics will be the same, the propellant 4.0-liter V8 BiTurbo, but squeezed in order to overcome the current model of up to 510 HP in the S version to achieve a figure that rises to 585 CV for this R. An increase of power which, coupled with the reduction of its weight and aerodynamics as amended and converted him into sports much faster on the track the Green Hell.


this is how it looks to the new Mercedes-AMG GT R in one of its recent developments