Lewis Hamilton wants limited editions “LH” models Mercedes-AMG

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes-AMG GT RThis past weekend was celebrated the Festival of Speed of Goodwood 2016. In this event we got to meet some models and between them highlighted the Mercedes-AMG GT R. The presentation of the “beast of the Green Hell” told with the help of the british pilot of Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton. During the evening, the british made a statement that will give that talk.

The three-times winner of the Formula 1 expressed their desire to to make a limited edition of some of the models from Mercedes-AMG. He himself baptized with the name “LH Series”. All of this went to the root of that will be questioned by the Mercedes-AMG GT R, at whose start-to-peer intervened. Although this model was already designed when he saw it and was not able to incorporate their ideas.

Mercedes-AMG GT-RWhat Hamilton would want, therefore, is participate in the creation a car practically from scratch. He says that he has already spoken with the brand and that is a possibility in the future. “There is nobody who can set up a car as I could set it up,” said the pilot. “To be able to put my 23 years of experience in a production car I think it would be incredible.”

we Still don’t know if we will get to see some Mercedes-AMG with last name LH. Nor if the model chosen would be the own Mercedes-AMG GT R, or other. It was said that “it is already pretty impressive,” and no wonder, since it equips a motor 4.0 biturbo V8 585 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. Although Hamilton dropped that you would like to use another engine, “the V12 is my engine favorite“.

Source – Motoring