Lexus 300h RC wants to sell 400 a year, is the formula to get it?

Lexus took all the artillery to launch the new Lexus RC and started marketing in Spain by placing first in dealerships more performance alternative to Lexus RC F . Now comes the other end comes the more rational version and we have to start talking about a RC Lexus 300h ready to conquer 400 clients per year .

The main demands of the RC 300h pass through bold design, good quality inside and hybrid technology

The sales target for Lexus Lexus 300h RC amounted to 400 units per year.

On the occasion of the celebration of 10 years of hybrid models Lexus Japanese company has introduced us to the last hybrid model to join its ranks, a Lexus RC 300h that comes with quite a few arguments to convince customers of BMW 4 Series Coupe, the Audi A4 coupe and Mercedes C Class Coupe.

On the one hand we have your image, sharp, daring, different. On the other a good repertoire of pleasing qualities and finishes in the compartment and of course, the value “techie” of a mechanical hybrid under its hood, mechanics remember develops an output of 223 horses .

Does your price? Part from 45,900 euros with a good supply of standard equipment that is not necessary in the leather upholstery, alloy wheels, dual zone climate control system or media 7 inch screen, front, in the spotlight, one BMW that for an approximate price, from 45,450 euros, offers a BMW 428i Coupe 245 horses and 45,450 euros.

Will they manage to meet its target Lexus? In late 2016, considering that the RC will start selling 300h earlier this year, we’ll know.

To learn more about the Lexus RC:

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